About Us

Diane Harris, Owner

When I step into the store and turn on the lights, it’s like a dream come true. Beautiful cases filled with sparkling jewelry from around the world and shelves filled with unique and artistic gifts. It’s hard to believe that seven years ago the concept of My House of Style was just an idea bouncing around in my head.

I envisioned a sophisticated store where clients could visit and feel comfortable and at home.

Our philosophy is that jewelry should be worn confidently and be an expression of personal style, whether it’s elegant, contemporary or trendy. Individual style doesn’t stop at how you adorn yourself, it also extends into your home. Our ever-evolving collection of gifts and home accessories is the perfect addition to any lifestyle.

Recently in an article, I was referred to as the “Jewelry Whisperer.” I prefer to think of myself as a Jewelry Stylist.  At My House of Style it’s all about the experience and building trust in our advice. Together, myself and my staff come together to make a great team. Everyone brings their own special talents to our store. That’s what makes My House of Style like no other jewelry store.

Staff Members