Sorry for being honest


You know that feeling when you walk into a store, find something, try it on but you are just not sure?  Is it right? Is it flattering? Does it look good on me?  There are the people who work in the store to ask, but you hesitate.  You don’t know if what they are telling you is truth or just someone trying to fill their sales quota.  My House of Style is like shopping with your best friend (but without the hidden envy that you found it first).  We do not want anyone walking out of here not looking their absolute best and we will tell you so.  If it isn’t the perfect piece for you, we won’t sell it. It’s honesty, baby and it’s why when you wear something from My House of Style you look GOOD. We are committed to having our clients walk away with the confidence that they bought a piece of jewelry that is just right for them.  We are committed to having you feel like a goddess every time you put that piece on.  It will lay right, it will feel right, it will make you smile.